This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

IMG_5945It’s back to school for me, too, so I’m wearing my “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” t-shirt.

A few semesters ago on course evaluations, several of my writing students complained that I was “too feminist.” I’ve yet to figure out what they meant. I didn’t teach feminist tracts. I assigned writers like Wendell Berry and Ben Bagdikian. The only author who is also a woman included that semester was Annie Leonard via her video “The Story Of Stuff,” which attacks consumer culture in a gender neutral way. In class, I didn’t do feminist critiques of reading assignments or popular culture. I did, however, wear the tshirt.

I wonder how my students define feminism. By “too feminist,” did they they instead mean “too Marxist?” Continue reading


On The First Day Of School. Or, Let Her Wear Combat Boots And A Miniskirt.

IMG_5923On her first day of pre-k, my daughter Maia defied the no-skirts-shorter-than-3-inches-above-the-knee rule. That’s my girl.

I want my daughters to follow the rules. To be mindful of boundaries, routines, and expectations. To listen to their teachers and to their peers, too.

But part of me wants them break the rules. To challenge the reasoning and people hiding behind rules.

Of course I’m flirting with self-destruction here. Continue reading