And Though She Be But Little And Smartly Dressed, She Is Fierce

Little Red Riding HoodMy daughter Maia’s love of Greek gods and heroes often bleeds into other mythologies. Her typical conversation starters go like this one:

Maia: You know Little Red Riding Hood?

Me: Yes.

Maia: She’s the goddess of clothing. And axes.

I’m continually impressed by my daughter’s creativity. Her stories in which folklore and even the everyday mingle with divinity entertain as well as situate my own attempts at inventiveness. My situation isn’t too impressive. Lately, I tend to congratulate myself for the likes of recycling leftover chicken into savory hand pies for the next day’s lunch. Next to Maia’s collaborative tales, my kitchenry seems more frugal than imaginative.

Once upon a time, I too told stories. Continue reading