I’m OK With Vajayjay

Hobby Lobby

President Obama Tweets: “Throwback to last week when a woman—not her boss—made her own decisions about her health care.”

I’m not one for neologisms. I don’t anticipate vacays or ask if friends are preggers. But today, I’m adopting vajayjay. I’m admittedly late to the vajayjay party. But it’s a good day to join.

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that some businesses can’t be required to pay for contraceptive-providing healthcare. Like other businesses are. All in the name, Hobby Lobby and its ilk would have us believe, of religious liberty. It’s a line that smacks of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

Also today, Mary at Thirtytensomething responded to talk show host and misogynist Matt Lauer’s interview skills. Mary’s rant would have been humorous any day, but today it stays with me. We are a culture so saturated with disrespect for women that treating women unfairly is mainstream. It’s on The Today Show. Presumably a show about what we’re like today.

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All Along The Tower

The Tower Tarot CardPeople sometimes ask why I left my Ph.D. program. I’ve a few answers:

After participating in labor protests in Oaxaca, I found it difficult to think and write about labor — for other people who think and write about labor.

After following Zapatistas back to Chiapas, my clever-esque theories about Subcomandante Marcos’s communiqués seemed too far removed from the people, place, and politics I’d been thinking about. A few weeks in the jungle and my academic work paled into little more than word play.

I could have studied something else. It was a Literature program. I could have read novels.

But despite the brilliant books and people I found amongst the intelligentsia, I was kind of lonely there.

Perhaps most importantly, it was in the cards. Before leaving Mexico, I visited friends in San Miguel de Allende who fed me posole and vino tinto, and read my tarot.

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