Three Of Cups Is The Magic Number

Three III Of CupsWhen I asked the Mayan fertility goddess Ixchel for daughters, I dreamed of having twin girls named Eve and Edie. But the next day I imagined having three daughters. So for years I’ve wondered how to reconcile a dream and a vision.

We named our first daughter Maia, to thank the immortals, and our second Eve, named for a dream because she is our dream.

Then we paused for the practicals. Could we afford another addition to our home, another ticket, another tuition? More importantly, I was surrounded by my bright-eyed dreams. I had little incentive to look for more than my armsful of perfect daughters. Still, I puzzled over my Isla Mujeres-inspired dream and vision. Is two or three my magic number?

Then Theron came to town and read the cards – Maia’s tarot cards. For her recent past, Maia drew the three of cups, on which three women raise arms and glasses to one another. Embodying celebration, the three women toast their accomplishment as they dance together. Theron calls this card the joy and power of female companionship.

And I saw us: Maia, Eve, and I are the three women! Both goddess-given dream and vision were right: I have two daughters. Two years and three days apart, Maia and Eve are so alike that they’ve often been mistaken for twins. They’re Ixchel’s dream-promised twin daughters.

But we’re also three, like I imagined the day after my dream. In trying to account for the three women in my vision, I’d forgotten to count myself. But Theron reminds me that I’m my own daughter, too. As does Ixchel, who is in some tales a young girl, in others a wise old woman.

And so my mystery was solved by a tarot card that hints at female mystery. Perfect.

Theron says that I’m all over the girls’ cards, and I will continue to be for a long time. To belong to my daughters’ pasts, presents, and futures is absolutely magical. We three are the magic number indeed. As is sitting around a table with mothers and daughters. Theron sees me in Maia’s distant past, the empress. I see the goddess too, in her incarnations divine and mortal. As she read my daughter’s cards, then, I suspect Theron might have read all of our daughters’.

And so with the guidance of fertility goddesses, gypsies, and friends I find that I’m complete. What a boundless village is raising this daughter and mother. Thank you, all.

Isla Murjes


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